Don't believe
everything you read.

Fake news and disinformation online are serious concerns for Canadians. Watch the video and learn how to SPOT fake news and stop it in its tracks.

SPOT it and stop it in
4 simple steps.

To help Canadians of all ages critically assess online news and information, and differentiate fake news from real news, News Media Canada has developed a simple media literacy tool: SPOT Fake News Online.

Ask yourself 4 critical questions
to SPOT—and stop—fake news online.


Is this a credible SOURCE?

Check the source of the article—and be skeptical.

Is this article coming from a credible, reputable source? Don’t forget, your social networks are not media outlets—look for the original source and learn who they are and what they do.


Is the PERSPECTIVE biased?

Think critically and look for varying viewpoints on an issue.

Look for outlets that report from various perspectives to ensure the credibility of a piece. Is the article distorted or not telling the full story? Does it seem designed to get people talking—could it be clickbait?
Always question if a source is hoping to inspire a desired outcome. And remember, just because you don’t agree with a particular viewpoint does not make it biased.


Are OTHER sources reporting the same story?

Be your own fact-checker and verify the validity of the story.

Look to see if multiple, credible sources—such as established media outlets—are reporting the same facts, and if they are, it’s more likely to be accurate.


Is the story TIMELY?

Check the date the story was published.

Sometimes, stories use old information, facts, photos or videos to take advantage of a timely occurrence such as a current event or announcement to bolster views.

Together we can SPOT—and stop—fake news in its tracks.

Fake news comes in many different formats, from distorted stories to altered photos and manipulated videos. If you have any doubt that something you see online may be factually incorrect, don’t spread it.

Is this a credible SOURCE?
Is the PERSPECTIVE biased?
Are OTHER sources reporting the same story?
Is the story TIMELY?